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Congratulations! Beautiful project !! So well designed, sound, design, painting. Wow everything!
Regards and can't wait to see more :)


Bro why the Graphics are messed up....Im running this game on GTX Aorus 1060 6GB 192 bits.... Every other latest games runs on Ultra settings but this game is really Glitchy im not sure why -_-  Here is a video on your game check it out 


The game doesn't look to be glitched, in fact, I looked at the game's Trailer and this video, and it seems to intentionally be like that


I don't know why i faced that I already mentioned my Specs which are more than enough for this game


Not an issue, just intentional. I looked at the clip and the video, matches up. The polygons and stuff seem to purposely be like that.


Thats not an issue dummy. The game is intended to be like this it's called abstract.



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Beautiful, yet haunting. I absolutely love it, but it's not for everyone. I would, however, recommend it to everyone.

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Doesn't work for me.  Downloaded on my home Mac, played for two songs and realized my graphics card was struggling.  Now I've tried it on my Mac at work and the colors are all too dark or two bright.  Is this some kind of anti-sharing measure?  Gotta say, I'm pretty bummed.

If your GPU is struggling you probably run this on a ketchup bottle


Just ... Brilliant.


absolutely stunning .. words cannot describe the effect this gives but we may try.

   la dispute is something so special and this interactive experience made them more so. 

the talent depicted flows throughout , into my ears and eyes to my soul. 



This was so beautiful! I loved how the music really told a story and the atmosphere and graphics just really sold it! Amazing job!

Impressive! can you share the lyrics, it is so touching




Video game is art ;)


Video game is art ;)

Hi, I'm having issue playing the game. I have it downloaded, but each time I try to start up the game I get a pop-up saying that this app cannot run on my PC. I have thrice checked that I downloaded the correct file, but no luck. Is there any other software I have to download in order to play? Thank you so much for any of your time and help.

What is your platform & operating system version? Could it be you are running a 32-bit version of Windows?

i'm using windows 10, but I just checked and i do have a 32-bit operating system. Is there anyway way you know to change it?

Most likely your PC is a 32-bit system; I don't think your retailer sold you a 64-bit machine with a 32-bit OS. So I guess you can't change that, and I am certain you can't change it without at least buying a 64-bit OS and run that on a 64-bit machine.

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SO COOL! Best $15 I've spent in a while!


this is gorgeous! 


Wow! Beautiful graphics, loved playing it, we definitely need more games like this! Keep it up!

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This is inbcredible, thanks for bringing it to

Beautiful! Best of luck with this.